Project | Concept Fashion Store

Place | Ostia (Rome)

Date | 2012

Client | Edoardo Bernardeschi


To rinnove an old historical fashion store , and repeat it with a new look, in perfect balance with the exsisting architectural box and observant of the high-end product.


Spacial permeability and visual continuity: these are our ideas that were to live. Building of modern architecture 3 levels high, where remove the visual and spacial limits between the different floors and the external and the internal spaces. Starting from it, a new concept based on tapes, that run trhought the storefronts, growing up to the upper and second floor, come back inside, lie on the ground, drawings the interior spaces.


Fine result, minmal and aimed to exalting the product, the horizontal and vertical link make feel the space as unique and completely integrated, in order to magnify EB store as a “unicum” on the banks of the sea of Rome.