Project | Private House

Place | Rome, Italy

Date | 2016


Renovate an interior of an existing house to transform it into a space for a 4 elements family, giving them the right spaces and functions using a contemporary design.


Going beyond the idea of common divisory wall, creating a partition element which divides the main areas of the house, working not only like a classic wall, but also like a wardrobe, storage, library, in according to the different position in the home. Color is thought as the link between the spaces, a recognizable sign which takes different forms but accompaigns the eye throught out the minimal design.


Being the main character of the house, the big central wood made element with its modularity divides in a dynamic way the entrance from the living room and the kitchen. The alternance of lacquered and natural wood give a warm and modern sensation in the same time, ensuring the right spaces for the different functions in the home.