16 Mar 2017

INSPIRATION | Byodinamic light

Biodynamic lighting is an artificial light source that replicates the dynamic variations of daylight and sunlight through a light management system.
Up until recent times, it was believed that light was only needed for seeing. However, in 2001, American scientist, Brainard, discovered a circadian photoreceptor in the retina, that receives a specific quality and quantity of light, which sets the biological clock.
He discovered that light not only provides us with the ability to see, but that light enters the eye via the ‘fourth pathway’, which has a vital non-visual or biological effect on the human body. His studies show that a certain quantity and quality of light stimulates the biological clock, also known as the circadian rhythm, which regulates hormone levels, particularly melatonin and cortisone in the body.
Research into light and health has shown that biodynamic lighting, which mimics natural lighting by ‘bringing the natural daylight indoors,’ has a highly beneficial effect on biological, physiological and psychological wellbeing and health.
Biodynamic lighting can also be an extremely cost-effective solution in care homes, hospitals, schools and office buildings.
Mama Design takes care of the people so for this reason it already introduced the biodynamic light in its projects because the man’s health it’s a priority and our research goes to that direction. It’s possible to see how we use this lighting systems in the project for La Rinascente in Rome (in progress), Winckelman in Milan (in progress), and many others.