08 Feb 2018


Pantone proposed for the new colors 2018 innovative palettes like:
Resourceful_ plays with the contrast between complementar colors like blu and orange in different tones, from the warmest to the brightnest.
Discretion_ Proposes very romantic and delicated tones, from rose to lilla, to grey to light blu.
Verdure_ for Nature lovers, colors like Green Celery and Foliage meet the berries violet.
TECH-Nique_ For the technology lovers this palette contains shining colors like turquoise, pink and violet, perfect for being used with white, and with brilliant almond.
Farfetched_for whom likes warm tones, with the presence of red, yellows and other tones inspired to trips to far places.
Intensity_ It’s an eclectic mix which evokes a feeling of strength and refine; it’s contains deep colors like violet, blu, gold and black.
Intricacy_ metallic colors, a mix of shades inspired to the “new neutrals” to be used with red and saffron yellow.
Playful_ The happiest palette, dedicated to the Minions, it is made by colors like brighten yellow, lime pop or the green flash, thought for inspiring happiness and smiles.