Project | S55

Tipology | Fast Cruiser

Place | Rome, Italy

Date | 2008

Client | private

Partnership | Ydesign


A yacht designed for the arab market; for fast motion daily, with all confort that the arab market to needed.


A new yacht tender concept, a little yacht with great ideas: wide body, with the accessto blow directly from the main deck, a central dashboard that becames an iconic external element, a big chaise longue. The stern as a very relax area, with Jacuzzi hidropool and sundeck. The transomwith its triple opening system is able to grow up the free area. Lower deck to be experienced, a direct window with the undersea.


An innovative tender yacht, estremely elegant and refined, with all confort that the arab market asked, with many surprise all to be doscovered wherever you are. A yacht all to be lived.