[Matteo Antonelli + Andrea Miscoli]

Founded in Rome in 2005 by Matteo Antonelli and Andrea Miscoli, Mama design is a firm which works in several fields, from architecture to transport design, from product to lighting design.

The philosophy of the study looks at design as an instrument to inform and provoke the senses, through the integration of form and function, light and color, material and technology During it’s years of experience and careful work the studio has been involved in many different areas of architecture such as custom exhibition design and big events planning, or lighting products both in small and urban scale, from interior design to urban planning and from small yachts to mega yacht concepts.

Design consultancy has been given in both private and public sectors, including lighting, exhibition and architectural design, developing the whole project genesis from concept to completion. 

[lighting + architecture]

Currently working on international architectural and lighting projects on a large scale in Russia, China and Saudi Arabia.

In the lighting design field, the studio has signed many different projects such as city lighting management or public and private building illumination, luxury houses, commercial activities, churches, monuments and urban parks.

Autors of many temporary architectures for Sony Play Station, Red Bull, Sky, Fox, Mercedes, Smart, Bmw, Mini, Nissan, Volkswagen, Jonson& Jonson, McKinsey, Eni, E.on, Groupama, Peroni, Blu Panorama, CONI, CIP, FIT Federazione Italiana Tennis, FIR Federazione Italiana Rugby, and many more, Mama design has always had a very international portfolio of clients. In 2008 events for Sony D-Play, Fox Upfront and New Fiesta have received many BEA awards.

[research + teaching]

Since 2005, under the name of Ydesign (www.ydesign.it) the firm has written many articles for the international magazine “Superyacht International”, edited by Nautica Editrice. 

Since the year 2000 the studio has been teaching and doing research at the First Architectural faculty of Rome University “La Sapienza”. From 2000 to 2004 the studio founders have been professors at the Industrial Design faculty of Rome University “La Sapienza”.

Since 2008 they are also resident professors at the Special Events Design Master of 1° degree at the Rome university “La Sapienza”.


Space as a treasure chest to discover. this idea that materializes in the head of anyone who crosses the entrance of the atelier MaMa.

A space where natural elements such as light, the green, the birds singing accompany our work days. Space as a home, where hospitality and sociability is the basis of our days, the starting point for all our challenges.


"When I grow up, I want to be like you, MAMA."

Luca, 5 years old.


German-born but with an international vocation, Rolf Benz is today a leader in the design and manufacture of interior furniture who just turned 50 years old. Find and discover a personal space in order to live in harmony, it’s now possible thanks to Rolf Benz. Why we chose to "sit" with Rolf Benz? Well, try it yourselves!


Our passion is convivial and our kitchen becomes the symbolic place and a challenge of excellence and elegance, where the shades of the stone converge and release heat.


The mission, the values and the world of Natura e Architettura are already express in their name and logo. We could then do not agree with the values of Natura e Architettura in our social factory? What nature offers us is in complete harmony with our lives.


Details make the difference. This is the motto pursued by Bellia’s firm, art director and communication projects curator.